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Are you looking for a last minute, short term or long term care for your cat or other small pet? 


In need of daytime house sitting with your indoor pets, just simple house sitting, or somebody to pop in and check on your home?


With almost 40 years of animal care and house sitting, search no further, we will fill your needs!!


Pick-up and delivery of your pets available from your home, the airport or the ferry terminal, etc. to our facilities for boarding.

Taxi services for your pets within many areas of BC, vet appointment, or your pets spa appointments and such.Visits to our facilities are welcome anytime by appointment 7 day a week!

Kitty Kottage

2020 rates

Cat Boarding in our Kitty Kottage

Our facilities are cottage style, cozy, relaxing, climate controlled and a home away from home, where we have cared for cats for almost 30 years!!  We have 5 themed rooms (Hollywood, Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico & the Airport) and inside the rooms, each cat has

their own private space.  We provide litter & litter boxes, all dishes

and pillows/blankets, in each space, however you are always welcome

to bring your own too!  There is music, scratching posts and windows

for the cats enjoyment.  We have plenty of 'room roam time',

allowing social cats to socialize and non-social cats to

have their own room roam time.  Cats are all very

unique and we make sure to care for them in the best

suited manner for their personality.  We clean &

sterilize daily, and have plenty of cat play, with

special feedings, diets & medications up to 4 times a day. 



(Prices current as of 2019)

~$22* per cat, per night with your own cat food(*December-Jan rates +$2)

~$23* per cat, per night with our cat food (unlimited wet & dry included)

(December - Jan rates +$2)

~$21 per cat, per night for 2 of your cats in the same suite - Not applicable December - Jan 

~Long Term Special! (Over 30 Nights)(more extended has a larger discount): 

$16.50 per night own food

$17.50 with our food (unlimited wet & dry included)

~*$1 extra per oral medication administration

~*Free-In food, non-life threatening medications

~Referrals!! 10% off both clients stay

~Seniors Special 10% off cats stay *

*(please let us know, we will not ask! Senior human parent, not the cat)

Pick up & Delivery service (prices are each way)

$10 Ladner/Tsawwassen (or free with a 10 day stay - pending availability)

$25 Richmond

$30  South Vancouver (if located just over the Oak or Knight St. Bridge)

$40 Vancouver and similar surrounding areas within 30 klms from our location

$45 West Vancouver and similar surrounding areas.

Enquire for areas not listed, we do travel to great lengths to accommodate!


In-your-home care for the Ladner and Tsawwassen area

This includes, but is not limited to; loves and cuddles of your animals, spot checking/cleaning in the house for any possible accidents, litter changing even with multiple boxes, fresh food & water, any small cage cleanouts, fish feeding, turn on/off lights, TV, music and such for your animals, watering inside plants, bringing in mail and papers, and more!  Please feel free to ask about any other simple house services we have not listed, as big or small you think it may be, we have house sat many homes with many unique requests.**


No animals - $15 house checkup and small requested chores. 15 mins.


1 Cat - $25 per 20 minute visit


2 Cats - $34 per 15-20mins


2-3 cats and up to 2 other small critters - $40 for 20 - 30 min



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